Sunday, October 24, 2010

Halloween Party 2010

 The Halloween party has come and go, and I have to say that I had a complete blast through the whole thing. I started planning it over a month ago, and it came together just as I had hoped. I literally had drawn up a time line for food prep and cooking, in addition to my floor plan for the decorations. Yesterday Adam and I got started at 9 am and didn't stop until 2, then I began actually cooking at 6. The morning was just as fun for me as the party and I am so happy/lucky that Adam likes to party plan as much as I do!
 I set up the desserts opposite of the main finger foods. I made White Chocolate Snack Mix, Cookies, Pumpkin Cream Cheese Wontons and Candy Corn Bark.
 I had all of the plates set up and ready to go for when the food came out of the oven. Candy Corn Pizza, Animal Feet and Macaroni and Cheese were the main finger foods.
I ordered some fresh pumpernickel bread and made egg salad and buffalo chicken salad. I used cookie cutters to cut the bread slices before adding the filling, then cut in half. My friend Carla got me these really cute toothpicks that came in quite handy!
I LOVED the idea of this Pukin' Pumpkin that I found it on Extreme Pumpkins. I used a small baking pumpkin and added Publix Spinach Dip, which was the easy way out but that stuff is so good! Everyone thought it was a fun idea, and it's one of my favorite things that was made.
Lastly, I made the famous buffalo chicken dip, which I don't care where you bring this to or who you prepare it for, everyone absolutely loves it. I used the crockpot which made it easy to refill the carved out baking pumpkins to keep warm servings coming out. I served with bread, crackers, celery and apples.

I honestly don't know that we will have another Halloween party next year, as it really is a lot of work and time, but we had so much fun throwing this together. Luckily Halloween is still a week away so it isnt time to take the decorations down yet! Happy Halloween!

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