Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Halloween Week!

Halloween week is here! I hope that everyone enjoys all of the festivities that are happening at work, school and home. I will be taking it easy this weekend, taking down all of the party decorations and handing out some candy (while definitely eating some myself!).

I do plan to dress up at the office on Friday to bring a little bit of fun to work. I'll be wearing an old school costume that my mom made many years ago, she used to home make all of our costumes - we'd pick the pattern and she would sew it all up. I need to start learning how to sew so that I can do the same for my kids!

Here are some party pictures to leave you with. I'm just about onto the next Holidays - I have a crazy 2 months coming up filled with Hanson, Food and Wine Festival, Adam's Birthday, Turkey Day, a winter trip and Christmas in Gainesville and Orlando. I have a few things to bake and lots of presents to buy/make! I have a lot of knitting projects that I am working on that are due by December, so I will finally get to blog those. I'm so happy for the best time of year to come around :)

PS- Instead of my usual winter hair darkening, where I go completely dark brown and then hate it 2 days later and beg for my blonde back, I went for a light brown color. I am always in need of a change around this time of year and usually go way too extreme. This year I LOVE my new hair. It is darker but still light. I got a partial with blonde and light brown colors, then a toner was added on. I am enjoying it and hope that when I get my roots touched up it will be easily recreated.

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