Sunday, December 4, 2011

Concert Payback

Happy Sunday! It is kind of gloomy in Nashville today, and should be for a couple days to come, which is bringing in cooler weather - just in time for my families arrival! I am so excited to see them this week!

Well, this isn't really my typical kind of Sunday. Remember when Adam so willingly accompanied me to see Hanson this time, this time and yea, that time? Well, when Adam wanted to get tickets to see Guns and Roses, it was impossible for me to do anything other than happily oblige. You see, I really wouldn't mind going except for the fact that it's a Sunday night, they won't get on stage until at least 11:30pm, I have to wake up for work at 6:30am and I am pregnant and usually snoozing by 9pm. It will surely be interesting to see how this evening plays out and I have set a ground rule that Adam has to wake up at the same time as I tomorrow morning (he has the ability to sleep in slightly and go into work a little late, and I am PT so I work specific hours). I know that a nap is definitely needed, especially since my plan to sleep in this morning faltered when I was wide awake at 7am, doing dishes, reading the paper and cleaning the counters. Wish me luck with keeping my eyes open!

I am just relaxing until we need to go tonight, and after my morning chores I had some fun! I preordered Jeff Ashtons book: 'Imperfect Justice Prosecuting Casey Anthony' months ago and it finally arrived yesterday, so I got cozy on the couch in my santa snuggie and cracked it open. So far I love the insight into Ashton's career and re-living everything from day 1. It's hard to believe 3+ years have passed since this all started, and since my sisters and I joined the search team for Caylee! I rarely find a book that I am excited about so I am happy to have this one in hand.

I also did a new paint job in preparation for my family to come and enjoy some holiday festivities. I have been quite obsessed with glitter polish, so while I did a Christmas Red on my toes, my finger are adorned with copper sparkles. I think that they look like robins eggs and this would be perfect for easter time as well!

Lastly, I feel compelled to post about this new MAC optical bronzer.
I have had a hard time every completely deviating from MAC bronzers, and I always go for it in 'Bronze' but when I went to order on Cyber Monday, I saw this beauty calling me name. I was skeptical that I would get it in the mail and be disappointed, that maybe it would be not bronzy enough and too blush like. It is not either of those things and I must say that I love it. It gives a nice tone to your skin while giving you a tanned look. I also ordered the Miss Piggy eye shadow and while it is matte, which I usually dont care for, I just throw a gold/coppery lustre shadow on top and it really brightens it and brings it to life.

Big strides are being taken with our house also! We finally got our bonus room/playroom in order, ordered a bedroom set (we have been living sort of off the floor since my old set is in a bedroom upstairs and Adam only has a dresser) and will be refinishing our coffee table, since it's looking kind of rough, and possibly said dresser for baby! Sometimes it takes a while to be able to do things, but feels so good when they actually get done.

Well, I have a busy week ahead! Family coming in, Christmas Party for them, finish wrapping presents, see the Rockettes, get our new bedroom set delivered and work a little too :) Hope your weekend was a good one, fingers crossed that I make it through this night!

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