Friday, September 30, 2011

Happy Weekend!

Happy Weekend! Tomorrow is October and I already put out our Halloween decorations this morning. There are 2 houses on our street that already really decked out their yards. I strung some lights, hung some body parts and skulls and called it good.

Im excited for the weekend since it will be in the 60s and to celebrate fall I am currently baking up some pumpkin snicker doodles. From my taste test I think that they will be perfect for even those that don't especially like pumpkin, but will report back later. My phone plan is finally up so Im hoping to go get an iPhone this weekend as well. I had one years ago and switched it for a blackberry - biggest mistake ever! I have hated my blackberry and haven't been able to get email or internet access on it in months.

Tonight I'm making a homemade spicy shrimp fried rice and one of the PF Chang's skillet meals. I have really been feeling like chinese lately!

If you remember, Hanson came to Nashville last night! I think I have only missed 1 or 2 tours since 1997 and am so lucky that Adam goes to the shows with me now. We had great seats at the Wildhorse Saloon - balcony right above the band! It was nice to be able to sit, have a waiter and still see everything perfectly. This tour is different because they have fans pick the set list and these fans chose their first album, Middlle of Nowhere. While I love any song that they sing, I really wanted to hear the new album more because, well its new and I havent heard it live yet! I was pleasantly surprised that they did play a few songs from that, and other albums in the mix of the first one. I scored a t-shirt and enjoyed the night - cant wait for them to come back next year!

I also have to shout out to Meiko, the opening act. She was really great and did a really fun rendition of Super Freak with hanson. Adam was super excited that she was in the crown when everyone was leaving and he gave her a hug and said how great she was. I must have missed her in the hustle and bustle!

Have a nice weekend! Hope it feels like fall - can't wait to see how these cookies come out :)

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