Monday, September 26, 2011


Fall is officially here, as you can see by my candy display on the coffee table. The weather in Nashville has been really nice - low 80's at the highest temp with barely any humidity. I believe that this week all humidity is going away and so the nights should be cool and crisp.
We had a super lazy weekend that mostly covered sitting on the couch for 48 hours. I was happy to serve up our 1st game snacks on one of my Missoni for target plates. I am pretty excited for this week -date night and the Hanson concert on Thursday and then this weekend I can put up all of the Halloween decorations since it will be October! I have held out and just put a pumpkin outside, but as of Saturday im diving into the scary stuff.

Only 2 weeks to go until I head to Orlando and to Connecticut! I am still trying to brainstorm how to pack for these 2 opposite temperatures without having to check my bag. I am really excited to see everyone even though its a sort of short trip, and Ill be making up my hours next week at work, so this week should be pretty low key.

I am excited to make some chicken pot pie and biscuits tonight since its rainy and cool today. Is the weather changing where yo uare or are you in a climate like Florida where it will reamin summer for another month? Have a happy Monday!

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