Sunday, October 25, 2009


When I was 13, something really big came into my life. A band named Hanson. 3 brothers with blond hir and catchy pop songs. I could NOT get enough of them! When I bought the CD I put it in my discman and stayed up all night listening to it, over and over. Learning the words to every song. My friend Andrea loved them just as much as I and it became a huge bonding point for us. We talked Hanson all the time, about how we were going to marry them, we were going to drive to Tulsa to see them and they just didn't know that we were their biggest fans and destined to be with them! I think that most girls go through a phase like that, but ours was bigger than most. We had too many tshirts to count, we had our moms drive to PA for their first concert tour, we had buttons and hats and posters and book covers. We got their vhs tape the night it went on sale. And then eventually Hanson faded from the spotlight, but they never faded far from our minds. They went indie on everyone and faded away from the mainstream. I continued to follow them. CD's, tours, and campus meet ups to view their documentary.
Then they had the 2009 tour. With their many stops around the country they had planned out 'walks' for fans to participate in. They are completely dedicated to a new charity and Toms shoes, and on this walk they would donate $1 to toms for everyone who walked a mile with them. This was like a dream come true for me, a real, from the start, never stopped loving them Hanson fan. I was right next to them, I touched 2 of them! They talked to people and walked next to us, which is something that you dont really find any kind of band doing these days. I got as excited as I did when Hanson first came out. It was 90 degrees and the middle of the day, I sweat more than I had ever sweat before and I would only do that for something as important as my all time favorite band. I dragged Adam along, and I know he wasn't at all excited, but he made it an even better experience. He played paparazzi with my pink camera and never even complained. He was such great person to share it with and Im glad he got to see what made me so happy for so many years and up to now!
After the walk we went and changed and then got ready for the concert. I had no idea that there would be 2 hours of opening bands, 3 in total, and started to feel bad about dragging Adam there. When they came on stage there was just nothing like it. I love getting to bust out loudly and sing along to my favorite songs! I, again, felt 13 again. They have such an entertaining show and they know that everone there has grown with them over the last 12 years. OMG I cant even believe its been that long!! Now they have another album coming out in the new year and are touring again, coming to Orlando in the summer and I cannot wait, especially because Adam is also excited to see them again with me. It was a great experience that I havent been able to get out of my head all day!!

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