Friday, October 23, 2009

The Cold Screwed Me All Up

Im behind on a few food postings, but I didnt get to cook too much since I was sick this past week. Ill post them this weekend, in between all of the fun activities that are going on! Tonight a group of us are going to the Magics preseason game. We are undefeated currently, and I hope that this will transfer over to the regular season!! Tomorrow I have a full day of fulfilling my teenage dream of being up close to Hanson followed by their concert! Ive been listening to their music in preparation all day. Adam is being a really great sport about coming with me and I hope he will get some good pictures of me and the guys. :) We also need to get to some pumpkin picking and carving...maybe sunday. Plus I need to get my fantasy in order for sunday. So much to do! Next week I wont have a meal plan since Adam is away tues-fri for work, so Ill play it by ear and see what tasty things I can concoct. I also need to get back to my workouts. I only hit the gym on Wednesday, so tomorrow and Sunday I will have to go as well, then back to full force next week with training on Monday with Erin and then weights and intervals throughout the week.

Im so glad its FRIDAY!!

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