Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Epcot Part 1: HANSON!

 Every January Disney has a marathon and a half marathon, and they welcome the public to volunteer for the races. There are different jobs, from handing out medals to working the water stands, and it is something that you need to sign up for months in advance. In exchange for volunteering, you get a free Disney pass to use throughout the year. My family has been doing this for many years, and last year Adam joined in. It was literally the coldest day of the year, in the low 30s and sleeting/raining as we stood outside at the finish line. It was pure misery, but we got our tickets and planned to use them for the Food and Wine Festival. When I found out that Hanson was having their annual Orlando concert at Epcot, it was a no brainer that we could fit that in with the Food and Wine! So, we got to do both for free!

I have been a Hanson fan since 1997 and I don't think that words could explain to anyone just how fanatical I was! While most people probably think that they fizzled out, they in fact have a huge following and have put out multiple records since MMMBop and tour yearly. The fans are crazy as ever, and their music only gets better with time, not to mention their performances- they really are great entertainers.

Each year more and more guys come to the shows and they sing, dance and have a great time. Adam was gracious enough to go to his first concert last year, only to find out just how good they truly are and he actually enjoys them now. When I say that he is awesome, it dooesn't even begin to describe the great things that he does. The fact that he can get excited just over me being happy is incredible and makes me love him so much more. I am convinced that there is no better man out there, I seriously won the grand prize! So, we had such a blast at this show!
 Since the stage at Epcot is just in a big open space, they played 3 sets. After each show you had to file out and get back in line for the next, which was perfect for everyone so that you could have a chance to get close. The first set was at 5:15, so about an hour before we got in line. When we reached the front, we moved to the side so that we could be at the front for the 2nd set. You can still see and hear the music from the line, and this tactic took me all the way to the FRONT ROW! I was so excited! Although last year I literally stood next to them at their walk, I have never been so close for a performance. It was really amazing, and had it been '97 I probably would have been on the floor from all of the excitement!
We assume that they were just trying to get more exposure, so during each set they made a point to sing MMMBop and Thinkin bout Something, but honestly the third time was the best. I do wish they would have played more off of the first album, because I truly think that it is their best one so far, but it was fun hearing the old stuff too. It was the perfect ending to a truly perfect day, and I can't wait for them to come back around next year!

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