Monday, November 8, 2010

RIP My Sweet Fishy

Last year around Thanksgiving time my family went to a local neighborhood fair. They had one of those toss games where you tried to get a ball into the glass to win a prize. That night, I won Chesteretta, my sweet little goldfishy. I was surprised when she grew and grew and stayed alive for more than a month! Fish aren't the most exciting pets, but it was nice to see her in the morning and night around the house, and watch her swim around.

Chesteretta LOVED to eat. She ate herself silly, just like her momma. She was meant to be mine! Kelly would always make sure to feed her extra because I tried to be strict about her diet and I know that she just loved it.

Tonight, I came home from the day to find little Chesteretta sunk to the bottom of her tank. I really didn't expect to be so sad about losing her, but I cannot bear to look in her direction. I am happy that Adam will be home tonight so that he can help me give her a proper burial. She will go in a pretty polka dot box as a send off to her knew home in Fishy Heaven. I will miss you Chesteretta, you were a good fish and a good friend. I will never forget you!

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