Monday, November 8, 2010

A Cool, Crisp Weekend

Another weekend has come and gone, and I feel like so many exciting things are coming up now! I played private chef on Friday for my parent's dinner party and made some baked garlic parm chicken and champagne risotto, which was a success and I'm almost sorry that I didn't triple the recipe so that I could have had leftovers!

It was cold out, in the 60's as the high, and so I wandered into Target on Saturday morning and felt like it was December. I bundled up as best I could with the ability to be comfortable inside and out. I wore my Express Skinny Jeans from a few years back, my brown boots that I got last year at Macys, VS Pink Collection V-neck T and my GAP scarf. I threw on my GAP short Trench from last season also. I really do love this jacket and it is light enough to wear in different seasons.

I grabbed a gingerbread latte and headed for the Christmas section of the store. There was music, wrappings, lights, presents, candy and more! I could have stayed there all day but I opted for some wrapping paper and ribbon and then hit the road. (I always go out the Day after Christmas and last year was able to pick up Christmas cards and wrapping Tags on sale, but the paper was sold out.) It was over crowded by the time lunch rolled by, I assume because the weather was getting everyone into the Holiday spirit. I ended up warming a cup of hot chocolate, putting on some Christmas Music and wrapping presents Saturday evening. I still have a few that I have yet to buy, but I'd say I'm over half way through!
I also found a solution for my baby hat problem: Elastic banding! I picked up a pack of elastic from Joanns for about a buck fifty and weaved it into the bottom of the hat, where it rolls up. Now it will definitely stay on a baby's head and looks so cute!
 For Christmas I asked for new Running Shoes, since I am in desperate need but can never seem to spend my own money on them. I went to Finish Line and tried on some Brooks, which are what I have now. I found out that the pair I've been wearing are designed for those who run on the inside of their feet. This is probably the cause of my tweaked ankle, so I tried on some different pairs and wound up with Mizunos. I also got some insoles which I am hoping will help with my shin splints, as the guy said that when you run the sole down it can definitely give you those. Finish Line has a 15 day trial period, so I went to the gym today to try these suckers out. I really loved them, the heel is very cushiony and it felt good to run again! I handed them over to my mom so that she could try them out on her walk, as I think she could use a pair of nicer shoes.

I would like to add that I have dropped another 2 pounds in the recent weeks! I have been more in control of my eating throughout the week and even though I haven't been doing as many double workouts, I think that the calories in/out are balancing out nicely. I hope that I can keep it up!

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