Thursday, December 1, 2011


Now that it's December (which reminds me, I forgot to open my advent calendar this morning!) everyone is getting into the swing of the holidays and spending time with their friends and family. I think that this is the month where traditions that are as old as you are come out in full force. My family has always been really big into Christmas and we have a lot of holiday traditions, plus I think everyone enjoys spending more time together this time of year.

Some of our traditions:
Decorating the family tree after thanksgiving (I missed this one this year!) and Erin never wants to help
Chocolate Covered Pretzels! (I did this at my house this year. the combination of salty and chocolate is too good to pass up)
I always get my Christmas cards out right after turkey day - and theyre always done in advance
Seeing the hustle and bustle at the mall close to Christmas
Christmas Eve (it never deviates) - Early Mass, a photo shoot of the family a la my mom, Dinner that consists of the addition of chinese takeout picked up by probably my dad and a sister, new pajamas from my mom and opening sister gifts
Christmas Day: We still wake up fairly early and someone brews some holiday coffee. We open presents from Santa while holiday tunes play in the background, followed by a breakfast of polish sausage, eggs and bagels and then opening our stockings. Then lots of snacking!
Day After: Shopping! Early shopping to get deals on things for next Christmas (this year I need ot pick up some more stockings and stocking holders for our growing family :))

I am so happy that A and I are going to Orlando for Christmas - I think next year will be easier to celebrate with a baby around, but I couldn't bring myself to do it this year!

See: my pretzels :)
Do you have any traditions that you never fail to accomplish? Have you started new ones since you've grown up and started your own family? Happy Weekend!

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  1. Those look delicious. I wish I had your life. You're so lucky.