Thursday, June 23, 2011

Meal Planning for 2

One of my favorite things about living with Adam is that I can start to cook again! I have more time and someone to cook for, so I have been meal planning over the past days (in addition to cleaning, dishes and laundry!). Meal plans for one was always easy, but for 2 people it's a little more difficult as I don't want to make someone else eat chicken every night for dinner. I am also happy to help out and make Adam and myself lunches to bring to work to be more cost efficient. Here is a glimpse into our next weeks meals

D- Salmon, Broccoli and Garlic Cheddar Biscuits

L- undecided on what Adam will  take - I will have a lean cuisine
D- Out for HH/Dinner!

B- Bacon Cheddar Grits, Bagel and Egg Whites
D- Mexican! Flank steak and veggie fajitas, salsa and rice

Off to my parents for the day, probably a bagel sandwich on the road

L- Out (I would like to go out to lunch once a week since we work in the same building again!)
D-Wheat Linguine with some olive oil, grilled chicken, sauteed broccoli and mushroom

L- Roast Beef & Cheddar Flatbread, homemade sweet potato chips, carrots
D- Jerk Chicken Pizza

L-BBQ Chicken & Cheddar Flatbread, homemade sweet potato chips, carrots

D- Turkey Burgers, broccoli and potato skin wedges

L- Leftover Pizza
D- Baked Garlic Chicken, steamed veggies and mini tri-colored potatoes

This is technically my Friday since I have Fridays off of work, so Happy Weekend to everyone! Ill be doing a little baking with some chocolate chip cookies and hopefully a lot of relaxing :)

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