Thursday, September 6, 2012

Salsa Chicken Quesadilla

So you know by now that I am back to work, we started daycare, and nights are crazy. Seriously, on work days I get home, have to throw the diapers in the laundry, clean 5 bottles, clean all of my pump parts (Im not sparing you the deets of my day!), package my milk from the day, empty my gym bag, clean my coffee mug and water bottles, bathe Remy, play with Rem and attempt to eat at some point. It's a routine that will take some time to perfect, but makes me happy for easy meals to throw together.

I used the salsa chicken from the freezer to make this quick meal that is also so delicious, which probably has a lot to do with the gooey ooey cheese :)

Salsa Chicken Quesadillas
Red Onion, sliced into thin rings and then cut in half
Green Pepper, sliced into strips and then cut in half
Mushrooms, sliced
dash of Olive Oil
Whole Wheat Tortilla Shell
Salsa Chicken
Cheddar Cheese, shredded
dash of Cumin
Fat Free Sour Cream & Salsa, for topping

In a small pan add oil, onion, pepper and mushrooms. Cook on medium/low for 25 minutes, until everything is softened up. Heat up your salsa chicken a bit (I use the microwave). Remove veggies from pan and wipe oil out.

Spray your pan with nonstick spray and place your tortilla shell, folded in half, into the pan. Add cheese, veggies, chicken and then more cheese. Fold the top half of the tortilla over. Once bottom cheese has melted, flip and cook through on the other side.


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