Thursday, September 6, 2012

Thursday Randoms

I feel like I am so off and on with blogging, but since I'm back to work it should all even out again. I have multiple things to update on but I feel like I should start with my diet, exercise and weight loss.

I am currently 2 or 3 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight, but my muscle is 50% gone and I feel like a flabby mcflabberson. I fit into all of my clothes, but am hating that I have no tightness in my stomach - seriously people, its like ripples in the ocean when you poke at this belly! And my arms just look like skin and fat flapping in the wind. My boobs of course are ginormous and get bigger as the hours go by without Remy eating. I will look like Im about to bust 2 hours after I put something on and it just is crazy. I am still running and doing strength workouts, but I fear it will take a lot of time to build myself up again and I have a pretty bad body image right now.

It would help if I was able to keep to a diet, but I'll blame breast feeding for my need to eat sweets constantly and my excessive hunger. I stopped calorie counting so I'm not holding myself accountable which is the problem for sure. I think that Monday I will get back to it.....although mondays come and go with me saying the same thing, I need to make it stick. After all, cooler weather is approaching and I dont want to look like a sausage stuffed into pants and long sleeves - I'd prefer to match my cute little Rem with fun outfits.

Something that never helps a diet or your exercise routine is vacation, and we took a family trip to Orlando for the long Labor Day weekend! It was fun and everyone loved seeing little miss Remy.

She was great on the planes. You know she is a pro by now, but she slept for half the flight down and the whole flight back home. I loved her little baby hand resting on mine :)

Mommy and Daddy even got a night out! My parents watched Rem for us and we met our friends down in Thorton Park, a place that I dearly miss - almost as much as the people we went with. I haven't really drank in a year so I may have gone overboard a bit....but it was a fun, rare chance that I had so I took advantage! I admit that I missed the baby pretty badly and texted for updates about 3 times.

We finally got some family photos! I think the last one we have is from when Remy was in the hospital - my how she has grown.

Remy got in the pool with her Mom and her Aunties! She is definitely a pool baby and I can't wait to get her swimming around. Although I looked like a pretty big whale in a bathing suit, we snapped some good photos. Our friend Hollie even came to spend the day with the babe. Miss Popular!

Remy loved Annie! Annie pretty much wants nothing to do with Rem still and just ignores her. If you leave them alone in a room together Annie will be curious, but she wants noone to know that she is interested. Shes just like what is with this baby that everyone is loving on?!

When we got home I put Rem in her seat to watch Daddy play video games. She loves the tv - lots of colors and movement!

As for Remy updates -
-She started rolling over a little this morning!
-She has full control of those little hands - she grabs at everything and loves crinkly things, from toys to balloons to paper bags.
-She sucks her thumb, drools constantly and loves to bite things. I don't think that she is teething just yet but Im pretty sure that we are on our way. God help me!
-Her acid reflux is much better with her medicine. She still spits up a lot, but that is something that she will just have to grow out of.
-She loves dolls or toys with faces. She has a monkey hanging on her car seat that she loves to stare at. She also loves to chomp on her dollies face, but smiles whenever she sees her.
-Speaking of car seats, Remy HATES the carseat!!! It makes it kind of difficult to take her places as Im stuck pushing a cart with one hand and holding her in the other.
-She loves getting baths now and is about ready to transfer to the 'infant' side of her little tub. She has also recently acquired a rubber ducky.
-She is still a great sleeper! She will go down between 7:45 and 8:45 and usually wakes up between 3 and 5 for a feeding, then goes right back to bed. Some nights she makes it through until 6 or 7am. She goes down for her morning nap between 8 and 8:30, which is prime time for me to do anything around the house.

Anyway - I have been able to stick to my $100/week food budget for a couple of weeks, which is really great. I include fish, chicken, beef and try to stay healthier during the weeks. We hit up the farmers market for our veggies and some fruit, which definitely helps the money saving cause. I also dont remember the last time I bought something online, which was always my weak point as I dont really like to take Remy out for long trips since she gets kind of fussy. More money in the bank! I do need some new fall clothes, though. Jacket, boots, sweaters. I'm having one of those times where I look in my closet and just cannot find ANYTHING to wear. This probably has to do with my flabbiness and how I perceive myself, but I just don't feel good in anything that I own.

Also - Fall is coming! I had my first (iced) Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks over the weekend and am going to break out a fall candle here pretty soon - haha how exciting, right? I am ready to be able to go for longer strolls with the Rem in nice weather, go pumpkin picking, enjoy warm beverages and make some Chili. Its just such a great time of year when the weather crisps up and you know that the holidays are on their way - it's like my happy place. I can't wait to experience it all with Rem this year :)


  1. Hey Jennifer! Glad to see you blogging again. Don't worry about being behind with blogging, I am too! It's definitely hard to keep up with my old hobbies now.

    I'm totally with you on the flabbiness- I HATE it!! I'm only 7 weeks post and I just started trying to work out again. It's sad how out of shape I am. :( I feel you on wanting a new fall wardrobe, I don't like anything I have in my closet either, probably because of this pouch I have now!

    Breastfeeding also makes me extremely hungry. I drink a TON of water though, so I hope that makes up for the occasional cookie I grab. I still have about 9 pounds to go until I'm back at my pre-pregnancy weight. Slowly but surely!

    I love all your pictures of Remy- keep them coming. She looks so much like you it's amazing. She has her Daddy's eyes. :) I wish we lived closer, I feel like we have a lot in common and could be great friends in person!

  2. It's sad how even when you reach your pre pregnancy weight l, nothing looks the same! I started workin out at 7 weeks too, good luck! Can't wait to see more photos of your baby girl!!!