Monday, January 23, 2012


With Baby Girl due in 4 months, I am starting to get anxious to have everything ready for her. Since she has started bouncing around and we found out that she is in fact a girl, I have felt a much stronger attachment to her. I am already crying over her going to daycare as such a little baby and stressing over the quick change from breast to bottle, and the fact that I get only about 2 weeks alone with her before she goes. It's tough to think about and I'm just hoping that I make it through the DayCare walkthru without shedding any tears!

There is plenty to think about before even her arrival though, and on that list is registry items. While I don't anticipate a large shower, probably just a couple of people, I have a long list of things that we need. This is quite different from our wedding registry where I had hardly anything that we really needed. I hear that people like to buy cute clothes, which makes me a little nervous because I am already doing that :) Actually, after tomorrow when I look through Baby Gap once more, I am going to put a hold on my shopping to save all that I can, so some clothes wouldnt be the worst, but we are really in need of the other necessities.

But what really are necessities?! A pump is necessary and so the so is storage and bottles. A baby monitor is necessary, especially since her room is upstairs and ours is down (I already picture myself sleeping in a guest room her first night alone up there!). We are buying the furniture ourselves, and are lucky enough to already have a lot of things like bouncy seats, swings, tub, stroller, pack and play, etc from my mom. Another big thing is diapers.

Have I mentioned that I am going the cloth diaper route? I just dont see spending all of the money on disposables, especially when they are overloaded with chemicals. Its funny to me how people are all natural but then disposable diaper their child. I do plan to use disposables at first and switch to cloth in the first weeks, once I have the hang of a new baby and all :) Im registering for a few different kinds to see what works best for us, and then we can up the orders on those. It is pretty intimidating when you look at all of the options out there, and it took a lot of thinking and researching but I picked out a diaper cover with prefolds (cheaper and more like the old days), swim diapers, newborn all in ones and one size all in ones (no stuffing required, just like a washable disposable). I'm adding some inserts to the registry and a wet bag, pail liner and secure diaper trash bin. Once I get into the swing of it I will probably do a whole post as that is what I've found to be the most helpful resource when trying to sort this whole thing out.

Then there are the thing that you don't think about: nail clippers, first aid kit and medicine, to name a few. And pacifiers (I am choosing to use these!), swaddlers, slings, teethers, bedding and music!

I would be completely overwhelmed if I were just now trying to think of everything that I needed, but luckily I have had an ongoing list on since about the 7 week mark! I just used it as a place to store everything that I wanted/needed and as I bought things myself I would delete them off, or add on, and just keep adjusting. Now I feel confident about what I am asking for, and the many things that I don't get are easily accessible to me for purchasing without too much thought.

Now I leave you with one question that I have after shopping this past weekend: How do babies diapers fit into those little jeggings?! I am looking forward to seeing how this works, as I just can't imagine it!

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