Tuesday, January 24, 2012

22 Weeks

Hard to believe 22 weeks is already here! Im feeling pretty good and enjoying all of the kicks that come throughout the day - it's my favorite way to start the morning!

Symptoms: Pains....seriosuly, at 22 weeks?? Ive been having pains in my rib cage from front to back and some trouble catching my breath. I also am having trouble with circulation in my legs, which supposedly is caused by a growing bump putting pressure on the pelvic floor. Sometimes it is so hard for me to get comfortable even sitting on the couch.

Weight Gain: 12 pounds!

Exercise: Same - trying to run and walk and do weights and yoga 4 times a week, my legs are still feeling the pressure though. Its really just crazy how I feel sore after a long, fast walk now!

Cravings: sourdough pretzels; cake, ice cream; cinnamon things like: coffee cake (drakes in particular), cinnamon buns, pecan rolls and cinnamon toast crunch - although I have not indulged in any; NY style pizza - I think Adam was thrilled to get this for dinner on Saturday since I havent eaten pizza in 4 months

Aversions: Lunchmeat, mexican, chinese (which was a surprise until it was in my face and I wasn't feeling it at all)

Prepping for Baby: Yay for finally being able to shop for specific pieces! I've got a lot of cute little clothes from friends, family and my own need to buy girly things, here are a few:

and also started ordering some things for baby Girl's room. I got the fabric for throw pillows, bed skirt and curtains in the mail and also received the prints that I had ordered:

 Here are the finished pillows that my mom made for me with the above fabric - I love them and cant wait to see them in person!

Even after finding out that we are having a girl, I don't want to go all pink and am still loving the grey/yellow combo. I am definitely more anxious to paint and get the crib and everything into the room.

We received daycare info in the mail this past weekend and I already can't handle the thought of sending her to daycare.....especially since we will be enrolling her at 6 weeks old. I got teary thinking about it and how tiny she will be and want her mom! I am going to spend as little money as possible from now on to see how our money situation is on a real budget.

I also finally had to purchase another pair of maternity jeans (I got some shorts also), because I cannot zip my old pants up even a little, which leads to them poking pretty hard into my lower abdomen. I also am positive my butt is getting humongous - I am already googling post partum diets/exercise!

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