Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Pregnancy is turning me into a crazy person

I'm not even joking - I am scaring myself here. I have always been one for lists like to-do, grocery, packing, etc. but it has taken on a whole new life now. I am writing lists for everything! Anything I might have to do (launry, make a bed, sweep), buy or even eat. I mean lets be real, I do not need to remind myself through a list that I should eat a snack of cereal before I take a shower.

I find myself writing multiple lists per day, and having to re-write them at least twice until they are satisfactory. Today I wrote a list of my schedule when I get home from work, a list of what I need to do tomorrow after work, a grocery list for tomorrow, a list of foods we should eat on superbowl sunday, a list of foods I can make to eat for the weekend/week, a list of classes that we need to take before may, a list of things that I need to buy for the babies room and I also made a new blueprint of how I would like the babies room set-up. Take a look:

On the left is a list in the early stages - it will be re-written and maybe spread into 2 lists. The one on the right is my list of things to do tonight and although kind of sloppy, I refuse to waste another post it note on it!

Here is a blueprint of the babies room.

I am also anxious to get this babies room rolling - tonight I plan to take out baby clothes from the attic that we have stored away from Adam's first daughter and go through it to see what we can re-use this time. I will also take all of his sports pictures (that I think he plans to put in his office) out of the babies room and place in the loft by his desk.

I don't know if it's the beginning of nesting or what, but I am all of the sudden worrying about how little time there is before the baby is here and freaking out about all that we need to do and buy. I guess I am just trying to keep everything straight, but I just hope I dont drive myself insane! I may just end up buried until a pile of lists in the next 4 months.

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