Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ready for Spring!

After looking around the mall this week, I just had to see who all is on the same page as me. I am SO tired of the winter looks - dark colors are bringing me down and I am ready for some brights, stripes and dots. When do the summer lines come out full circle?! I did notice today that GAP is starting to have some summery things online, but not to the extent that I am looking for. (even though I can't shop it, I still want to see it)

I have switched my nail polish over to spring colors and am loving the tangerine shades. I got it on my toes during a pedicure and think it's a perfect warm weather color (even if it is just wishful thinking warm weather), so I picked up Boozy Brunch from the Loreal Color Riche line. While I was at target I also picked up 2 new swim tops. I remember years ago when the target swimsuits were made for the skinniest people, and love that they now carry larger sizes for normal people. Since my boobs keep growing I needed XL tops and these were on sale for $14. I plan to wear bikinis while still pregnant (please, no stretchmarks yet!!) and then switching to a ruched one piece right after while my belly is nice and flabby!

I am also thinking that my baby will be better dressed than me.....I can't and dont really want to buy anything for my post partum timeframe until it is here, so I am kind of stuck with what I have until the summer. I went on my last shopping trip and picked up some cute cardigans and one pieces from Baby GAP, 4 bras from A Pea in the Pod (expensive but I really needed some good bras to carry me from now until I am done nursing. I am in a bra 24/7 now and have to say it is actually quite comfy with this line) and the above swimsuits.

I really am getting more motivated to try to slim down my thighs - this baby has brought out some cellulite and my decrease in running has definitely not helped it out. Daily squats, lunges and lifts have begun and I just need to keep focused. I want to make my post partum recovery/weight loss as easy as possible, and not look like a whale at the beach this spring.

I got these cute sparkly flats at Ross a few weeks back but just wore them for the first time. I had been eyeing them since the beginning of fall but never wanted to pay full price - I got them for $20. I wear flats all of the time now, so I need to have a decent rotation so that they dont all wear out too quickly.

I think that I am ready to take a shopping break - I seem to have enough of everything as of now and will welcome the extra $$ to our bank accounts. Do you ever have to take a look and adjust your spending? I think it's a good thing to do even if you have more than enough money to cover your costs.


  1. You're so driven and focused, I haven't really started to buy anything but I also don't really have much of a belly yet. As for baby I'm still waiting to find out the sex, hopefully we will in three weeks! I'm also very ready to move on with winter, it's gray and cold here 24/7. I think I might start wearing brighter colors like you are to feel better about it. Orange seems to be a color that everyone likes lately!

  2. you will get more into the baby buying when you find out the sex!! it makes everything so much more real and I feel more bonded to the baby since finding out :)