Sunday, January 29, 2012

Weekend Eats!

I have to say that I am not happy at all about my food choices this weekend. I think that I managed to eat half of an apple at my healthiest time. But, a new week will wipe the slate clean!

I have been craving donuts, the valentines day ones from DD, for weeks now so we finally went on Saturday. I ended up with a bagel and a donut. And a muffin for later. I don't regret it because it was so good. They had almost every type of donut in the shape of a heart and I left wishing that I had gotten more than 4 more than 1. I then had movie popcorn and sour patch kids for lunch.
Keeping with the heart theme I finally made myself some s'mores and used the heart shaped marshmallows that are on all of the grocery shelves now. I forgot how messy these things are - I was covered with chocolately marshmallow after 1 bite, but baby approved.
We had wings for dinner where I also got in a few veggies. Adam made them at home so they weren't completely awful for us, but not as healthy as we probably should have been.

We had CiCi's for lunch today where I proceeded to eat about 1.5 slices of pizza and then 3 cinnamon rolls - man, those things are good! I also had a starbucks coffee and am happy to say that I am ready for my back to normal healthy choices to begin tomorrow.

Hope everyone had a fun weekend!

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