Monday, January 30, 2012

Nursery: Updates

You already saw that I have the babies room blueprinted out, so I've been planning the small items with my mom. We are on the lookout for a large round mirror with white border and also frames for the prints.

I went ahead and ordered these yellow paper lanterns for .98 a pop and they arrived 2 days later! I will hang them and these sparkle balls (actually ornaments from crate and barrels day after christmas sale) from the ceiling, above the dresser where the changing pad will be.

We also got a crib! Target had the Delta on sale for $100 so we went and scooped it up (2 target stores later). Here it is, all ready for a mattress which we have yet to purchase. Adam put it together pretty quickly and it is exactly what I wanted - simple and sturdy.

At Babies R Us I saw this Newco Deluxe recliner on sale for $150 and for the price it's really what I want - something that doesn't scream baby, can be used afterwards and doesn't cost $200+. The only thing is that the store is 30 miles away and I don't really want to have the trunk open for that long with a chair in it on the highway, and shipping is $75. I would recommend it to anyone who has store close to them and is looking for a chair like this, though.

So, I ended up buying this sleigh style glider and ottoman from Target today. It's a daily deal type thing where its on sale for $125 (chair and ottoman) with free shipping. For the price I just decided to go for it and forget the recliner saga that would ultimately control my life for the next month. I'm just hoping that it matches and fits in the room well - it should arrive within a week so we shall see soon enough!

So our new checklist is:
-Buy Dresser
-Buy Mattress
-Buy Changing pad
-Buy Mirror
-Buy Ikea Storage Block (small, 4 cubed)
-Paint/Refinish Chest of Drawers
-Paint Room
-DIY hairbow/band Frame
-Frame prints

I feel good having much of the room figured out and am so anxious for our baby girl to get here, I am trying to enjoy our last months of freedom but really just want her with us!

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