Wednesday, January 18, 2012

It's a......

GIRL!! I am so excited that I have been giddy for days and days. Adam and I kept it a secret from everyone since we wanted to tell my family in person on our visit, which was so incredibly hard to do. I really thought we were looking at a baby boy, but I was wrong!

You know the first thing I did was go to Baby GAP, Target and Old Navy right after the ultrasound :) I also got pretty emotional throughout the day when I thought about having a baby girl - pretty much my dream come true and such a perfect addition to us!

I struggled with a good way to surprise my family with the gender, and googled for weeks on end with nothing that was really that impressive. So, I simply wrapped up girl shirts like 'Sassy Senorita' 'Little Diva' 'Auntie is my BFF' and had each person open one, at the same time. We did a lot of shopping for this little girl over the weekend in Orlando, too. She is set with a ton of clothes already!
 After 1 week of knowing that we are having a little girl, look at her headband collection!
 And almost a full's seriously impossible to not buy all of these adorable outfits
I got this romper for her first pictures when we get home. If you look on etsy at all of the photos of little newborns wearing these with a flower band, you will die!
She has been kicking around like crazy ever since right before 20 weeks, and I love feeling her move and groove throughout the day. Of course the day of the ultrasound she was quite stubborn and it took some belly shaking to get her to uncross those legs for us. She is facing the wrong way right now, with her head at my belly button and little bottom facing down, so I really hope that she moves into position by week 35 (it's normal for them to turn around 25 weeks) - no c-section please, baby!

Happy Week to all!


  1. Yayyy!!! So so exciting! I'd go crazy if I find out I'm having a girl too!

  2. So cute!! I just bought that Little Diva onesie at Old Navy today... I also noticed the pastel stripe bodysuit in your closet - it has a cat on the front, right? I got that one last week!! Too funny :)

    Where have you been finding headbands? Besides ordering online, I haven't been able to find any that I like.

  3. I ordered some from etsy and receieved the others as gifts
    I know the cream flower at the top is from Nordstrom, not sure where the pink and white are from that look just like it. I see you got the diva obedience, I love that blue color!