Thursday, January 12, 2012

Pregnancy Cravings: Averting the Weight Gain

While I don't think I have gone overboard with my eating at all, at least not consitantly, I am definitely starting to want a lot of sweets. I am trying to get healthy options in the house to help me pick better choices than my ice cream all of the time. Examples:

 For dinner one night I opted for a salad with pan seared chicken. honestly, I ended my meal with 2 eggos and some strawberries but the thought was there!
But if Adam is going to offer to cook us Big Reds (from Ale house - breaded chicken breasts soaked in buffalo sause with melty cheese on top)  there is no way I wil ldeny him the pleasure.

 On a day like that I wil ljust try to eat healthier snacks, like a chobani blueberry for protein to help keep me full
Or jello pudding and fruit. I keep strawberries, cantaloupe and grapefruit in the house at all times and got a good supply of 60 calorie and 120 calorie pudding cups.

A lot of times I am ravenous in the mornings. This morning I found myself eating a bowl of multigrain cheerios while doing my makeup, when I usually wait until work to eat, and then other days I get to work and eat cheerios, oatmeal, yogurt, fruit nonstop from 7:45-11:20. Days like that I usually dont need a big dinner. Last night I ate an egg white and cheese breakfast sandwich on a bagel (which Adam offered to make for me and was quite delicious!) and then had a pudding for snack, plus a few pb m&ms and I was set.

Im not sure if it's the weight gain (which I am right on track with) or what, but my calf muscles are really taking a beating during workouts, so yesterday I could only run about .8 miles and then had to walk at 4.0mph the rest of my time. I made sure to go for 40 minutes to at least try to make up for some of my running loss. My legs were just burning and begging me to be finished - I hope that this goes away after my workout break this weekend!

Speaking of, we are off to Orlando tonight for a wedding and my sisters birthday - I can't wait to see everyone and relax with family and friends. Enjoy your weekend and the chilly weather that is supposed to be coming in!

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