Thursday, March 17, 2011

DIY Block Letters - Wedding Crafts!

One of the projects that I planned to take on for the wedding was the ever so popular block 'I DO' letters for the guestbook/favor table at the reception. People paint and design them differently, and since we are having a beach wedding, I thought that this 'caribbean breeze' blue was a perfect color. I am individually attaching crystals to the sides to give them lots of shine and shimmer! I have a love affair with rhinestone/crystalized things, so I am in love with these.

The time consuming part is really using tweezers to turn all of your crystals onto the right side (flat side down) so that you can pick them up and adhere them quickly. I use tacky glue and spread a thin layer - using just the tip on the bottle- on a small section, add the crystals with the tweezers and then repeat.

I really want to use these after the wedding to place on a shelf or mantle with some wedding photos to remember the day.

I hope to have some food updates after this weekend- I cant wait to get off work and head on up to Gainesville! Happy St Patrick's Day and have a great weekend!!

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