Wednesday, March 16, 2011

DIY Invitations, Rings and Dress Fitting #1

While it's not a mandatory part of the wedding, a lot of brides have a breakfast/lunch/brunch for their bridesmaids. It's a small way to show your appreciation, hand out their presents and enjoy some time together. I found that it is most common when you are traveling for your wedding and have multiple hectic days ahead where you simply cannot just meet up the day before and have time alone.

I have been getting pretty crafty, so I decided to print my own invitations since it is easy, cost efficient and I really only needed 4 of them. I used smooth cardstock to print the wording and used tacky glue around the edges to adhere it to a heavier cardstock backing. Then I tied a bow and glued it on.

 I have just about all of the things to add to the gift bags, and I almost have the menu set also. It feels good to be ahead of the game!

Also, our wedding bands came in yesterday! Adam sent me this photo, and I am exctied to see them in person this weekend. We ordered them only 2 weeks ago, so it really didn't take long for the sizing and shipping to the store. Mine is white gold and Adam's is actually a different kind of metal - as gold scratches so easily and we both liked this darker grey shade better than the white gold. Just one more thing taken care of!

I also had my first dress fitting last night. I purchased a dress off the rack, so it has a bit of work that needs to be done including fixing any problem spots, hemming to fit my short body, creating the bustle and taking in the sides. The sides really need to be taken in from the hip down to create the look that I'm going for. We scheduled a second appointment for April 19th to get the bustle figured out - I can't wait to see a closer to finished product!

I am so happy that tomorrow is Friday for me! I don't know about you, but daylight savings has really been messing with me in the mornings. Friday I plan to do some baking, unpack some boxes, go for a run, lay out in the sunshine and cook up dinner (I think that I settled on a Seafood Caesar Salad with Garlic Cheddar Biscuits). We need to get our tans going this weekend, so I foresee pool days and grilling ahead! Don't forget to wear your green tomorrow! Who all is going out for a shamrock beer tomorrow? I know I am!

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