Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bad Health Week: Do We All Have Them?

I've said before how I really stay on track when I meal plan and buy all of my groceries before the week starts. When I have a plan, I can stick to it but when I don't I seem to fall apart. That is what has happened to me this week. Since I had dinner plans Monday and Tuesday, and my mom is coming home from a long trip to Panama tonight, I didn't meal plan my dinner and in a chain reaction, my lunches didn't get bought either.

I really do end up just eating whatever I see or can scrounge up from the kitchen, or go out to get something and it really does a number on me. Luckily, I will have 5 or 6 days of workouts this week, which is more than usual and is making me feel better about things. I also am in desperate need of some motivation. I am so ready for summer to be here, and having a trip planned will really help me get more in gear and make my working out and eating right seem more worth it. I found some good cruise deals yesterday, but they were of course one day sales and we weren't ready to book just yet. I am hoping that next time I find one I can just go for it and purchase, it is practically February after all, and by March I am dying to get some free time in.

Do you ever search for some motivation, but just cant find it? I know it will hit me, so I am just waiting and hanging in there until it happens! I am also in a slight lull thinking about how it's the one year anniversary of my long distance relationship. I am not stressing about it, but thinking of it does bring me to a bit of a darker place which I don't wish to venture into much. Since I am definitely an emotional eater, this may be bringing out my sweet binges a bit more.

I am just going to keep trucking through this week, we are half way through anyway! I am probably going to up my speed or incline in my treadmill ventures the next couple of days too, I need to push a little harder to see some more results, I think! Happy Wednesday to all, only 2 more days to go until the weekend!


  1. I know how you feel. I struggle with the motivation to work out, especially when it's so cold outside. I can't wait for it to warm up and I'll be more motivated to get out from under the blanket.

  2. Christina - Every time I say 'I'm getting up early tomorrow and working out!' I find an excuse not to, but tomorrow I'm really doing it, I swear :)

  3. Why are excuses so easy to come up with? I tell myself from the moment I wake up that "I'm going to work out today" and remind myself of that throughout the day. It seems to help! How do you like to workout? I just started P90X (only the cardio and abs though), I love that it's a challenge.

  4. No that it's nice out I will probably start running outside more, but usually I just get on the treadmill, which obviously gets pretty boring! If soemthign good is on tv it isn't so bad though. I also will start spinning once or twice a week again soon. I would love to try P90X but am afraid I couldnt commit to it for that long!!