Friday, January 28, 2011

I Made it to the Gym Already!

I am happy to say that I made it up on time to hit the gym before work today. To prepare myself, I went to sleep at 9:30, and luckily I was ready to go at 5:20 when my alarm started going off ('Believe it or not, George isn't at home. Please leave a message at the beep.....'). I changed and headed out the door and made it onto a treadmill at 6. My legs have been hurting me for the past 2 weeks, so I was extremely happy when I started to run and found no pain!

I realized at 30 minutes that I hadn't given myself as much time as I had thought and was only able to get a 37 minute workout in; however, that's 37 more minutes than I usually get in a week, and it felt really good, so I wasn't too upset over it. I showered, changed and headed to work and found myself in an unusually good mood. I hit starbucks on the way in, picking up a delicious skinny caramel macchiato, and was happy to hear Sarah McLachlan's rendition of 'Blackbird' come over the speakers. I loved that song in 'I am Sam' and I totally forgot about it since the  last time I saw that. It put a smile on my face as I walked out and left the barista with a 'Have a good day!'

I really would have liked to also indulge in a spicy chicken biscuit, but opted for oatmeal with 1 piece of chocolate melted in it instead. I guess those commercials for nutri-grain bars are true: the first choice you make in the morning follows you throughout the day. Gym first thing = oatmeal over take out sandwich = salad at lunch (and we are going out today) = green tea over cookies for snack. I also plan to workout tomorrow morning :)

Happy Weekend! Enjoy your precious days away from the office, and don't forget to try a little meal planning for this coming week.

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