Saturday, January 29, 2011

Warm Weather Saturday

Today I woke up with a list of things to get done. At 9am I was doing a heavy cleaning of my room and car, which were both MUCH needed. I also needed to fill up my gas tank, get a workout in, gather my food for the week at Publix and pick up some extra valentines day treats at target. I was so happy to do things outside, because it is one of those gorgeous days that reminds you summer weather is on its way. It is 71 and blue skies stretch from one end to the other. I thought that this would be a good day to share my intro to summer items that I have purchased.

 I got this lace top at Target, which surprised me because I always hate the way that their clothes fit me. It's perfect for day or night, and I actually plan to wear it tonight for date night! I have a sheer express cami to go underneath that is the same cream color.
 I have outed my obsession with bikinis already, so it shouldn't be a surprise that I've already begun my 2011 shopping for them. I got this one from Victoria's Secret and I love it for the coral color and all of the ruffles. I also really like their 'cheeky' bottoms and how they fit, so this was just the perfect suit. I tried a few others from there and sent them back, but this was a keeper.
 Target used to make their swimsuits very tiny, so that it was almost impossible to fit into them unless you were a size 0-4. I found that they have started to make the cuts more true to size, and am happy that I can buy individual tops from their now. I usually am not too crazy about their prints, but I really loved this one because it just seems so different. I usually buy tops to match to my plain colored bottoms, so it cuts down the cost and lets me get more of a variety in.
I decided it's time for summer polish, so I put back the dark OPI I had taken out and went for this Orly, Kiss the Bride, instead. It's a very light pink shade and is perfect for spring thinking!

I also picked up a black skirt from GAP and a Pink Vintage T, both on sale. I love the vintage t's and think they are the most comfortable things ever, and like that they added a little bit of detail to them this season, within the shoulder.

I am ready to get somewhat of a tan again, and glad that February is here. The average high in Orlando this month will be 76 degrees, so hopefully by March I can be out in the sunshine! I hope that you enjoy your weather, wherever you are!


  1. I too am waiting for the summer weather. This time of the year I really miss Florida! I'm from Miami, but I moved to Michigan two years ago with my husband. It's SO cold!! I can't wait for it to warm up to 50 degrees! Btw, I love that nail polish! :)

  2. That's quite a temperature difference. My boyfriend is from Michigan originally and still has family there,so we are always looking at the snowy weather you all get! I am eagerly awaiting pool and beach weather, so I thought maybe my polish will hurry it along :)