Tuesday, January 25, 2011

All Things Pink and Red

Looking for some cute Valentine's Day gifts? There's a lot of different ideas out there in cyberspace and your local stores. Since it's a day about love, there's no need to spend a lot of money, and you can find gifts ranging from $10 up to the thousands. I think that everyone deserves a Valentine, because it makes the day so much more fun and also meaningful on a whole new level, but it's a day to show everyone that's important to you how much you care for them. So think of your family and friends, too! Oh, and don't forget the candy.

Whoopie Pies, Williams-Sonoma
If you live far away from someone that you love, think about sending these little cakes. They are super fun and festive and are more tasty than flowers, or a nice addition to them!
Pink Heart Baker, Crate and Barrel
If you know a cooker or a baker, this is a perfect dish. It can go in the oven and the microwave and I love the color, plus it comes in red as well. It's something that you can really use all year.

Heart Jammies,

 Who doesn't love pajamas?? They are a no-fail gift, I think. These have little hearts on them and are perfect for the warm weather that is ahead of us. Great for guys and girls.
Chalkboard Heart, Z Gallerie
This is a cute, out of the ordinary, idea. You can pull it out to write a quick little message in the morning or when you'll be going away for a trip, or just because! If you're sending to someone who lives elsewhere, you can open and pre-write a message for them to read upon opening.
Garnet and Diamond Pendant, Blue Nile
On the more pricey side, jewelry is a sort of Valentine's staple. This is a small pendant that definitely makes you think of the holiday.
Braided Headband, LuLuLemon
For the athletic type! I really like this headband and it comes in purple, plus a variety of other colors. The braided design makes it unique and it looks like it will stay put during a workout.

I do feel like Valentine's Day is pointed more towards women, but there are great gifts for guys too! Satellite Radio (which I recieved last year and LOVE), photo or personalized gifts (last year I got coasters made which turned out really cute and only had a slightly cheesey factor), sports gear (or better yet: tickets to a game), cigars (or a humidor to hold them), or maybe just take him out (or in) for a day/night, planned by you. It really is the thought that counts here. It's just under 3 weeks to go!

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