Monday, September 27, 2010

Halloween Party Prep

About 2 months ago or so, Adam and I threw around the idea of hosting a Halloween party in Gainesville. I love the creativeness that goes into the holiday and even without a party I would still want to decorate and make some spooky themed foods. There are so many neat ideas out there that it is hard to not want to try some things out.

Once Septmeber hit, it seemed like most every store had their decoration displays up, so we started shopping around for things. We ended up getting a lot of things at the dollar store, and then some at party city. We are trying to do this on a budget, so we have really been able to stick to that so far. I have literally drawn up 'blueprints' of the rooms and started planning what all I think we should do. I have decided to go with a 'Chop House' theme that includes lots of blood and body parts! We will actually be decorating this coming weekend (update: decorations go up!), as it's the last time I will be in Gainesville until party weekend, and we need to see what all else we need to get. I'm excited to see how this will all come together!

Of course, planning the menu was the first thing that I did. I have been infusing vodka with candy corn for about a month now, since the sugar will add a lot of flavor to the vodka I'm hoping to turn this into shots to take out of the test tubes that I picked up. Bloody Marys, rum and coke, and purple/orange gatorade with vodka will be on the drink menu along with your usual beer choices.

I want to do a heavy appetizer spread, as that party is at 7 so most people probably will have already eaten something. Here's what I think the final menu will be:
Garlic Brie in a breadbowl, served with apple slices, crackers and bread
Pukin' Pumpkin Dip - Spinach Dip served with Crackers
Buffalo Chicken Dip served in a mini pumpkin with crackers and possibly celery sticks
Candy Corn Pizza
Eyeballs - Meatballs in the crockpot
Baby's Fingers - cocktail weiner pigs in a blanket with almonds for fingernails
Ghost sandwiches - Egg salad and buffalo chicken salad on pumpernickle bread, cut into ghosts
Macaroni and Cheese

For Dessert:
White Chocolate Snack Mix, made with halloween colored candy
Candy Corn Bark
Chocolate Chip Cookies - a few that I froze with halloween sprinkles
Candy Bowl

I am also very excited that my sisters will be coming up and staying the night, so I will need to get some easy things for breakfast. Maybe just bagels as I hope to have had too much fun the night before to be able to do too much too early!

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