Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Busy Days

I have been staying busy lately and even though I dont seem like I have a lot going on, my days are always ending around 8. I was so happy to have Adam in town this weekend and we got out a lot and had a great weekend. The magic have been in the playoffs again and, even though they were floundering, they have come back and we are hoping for a historical run this series!

I have been still doing the strength training class and am so sore from Mondays. Of course, I did have the most embarassing fall of my life happen while I was shuffling myself in between 2 cones, but luckily only 2 ladies saw. I said before how a lot of people in this calss are already pals and so it can be a little intimidating not knowing anyone as well as being new to it, but I will keep going back because I can just tell how well it is working and the time really does fly by.

I am very excited because this Friday I get to play hostess over at Adams place. He is having coworkers over for a bbq and to see his new house, and to kick off memorial day weekend. I have Friday off of work so I will head up there tomorrow night so we can get all of the shopping done, and then I get to cook away! I am looking forward to making a few new recipes, and I think it is really going to be a lot of fun. I cant wait to meet everyone that I have heard so many things about, and the weekend in general is just going to be a nice relaxing break. With burgers and dogs being the main event, here is what I will whip up for our sides and apps:

Cheese plate - Baked Brie, Soft Cheese, Cubed Colby, Strawberries, Grapes, RF Wheat Thins
Bacon Wrapped, Stuffed Jalapenos on the grill - a take off of this recipe
Spinach Dip (this will just be a publix container thrown in the bread bowl, Erins famous recipe)
Wagon Wheel Pasta Salad (all the rage on the blogs last year) - orginially started here
Sweet Potato Wedges
Homemade Mac n Cheese - although this time I will use only cheddar and colby
Cake Pops

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