Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Ever since I joined spark people I have really improved my eating. It helps not cooking dinner for 2, I can have soup a veggie and chicken for dinner and that's it, I'm not tempted to eat anything else and if I plan to, I work it into my daily calorie count. Erin was nice enough to get me into the Y too, so I am so encouraged to workout more! The classes make it so much easier for me to stay focused, and since I work so close there is always time for extra cardio before anything begins.

Erin had me try this class that uses TRX suspensions, and that was quite the experience. The class consists of different circuits that target all of your muscles. I liked it because you dont focus on one thing for too long, there is a lot of variety and I didnt get bored. But hanging from suspension that are in the ceiling, and basically connected to a pipe, was a bit scary. At one point I was supposed to be on an angle with just one arm holding onto this thing, pulling myself up. Now, I was not going to be the one who would break this thing and fall on my back so I was barely doing the exercise, but maybe being comfortable just omes with time on this. There was, of course, a group of know it all girls who seemed to do everything perfectly while the teacher had to pick on me at times. Well I hope to be better next time, but my legs and butt were kiiiilllliiing me the next two days. Progress.

I do miss cooking, but everything is working out really well right now. Although I have been craving some Mongolian beef! I am surprised at how I have been able to stick to what I set out to do. I think the motivation on spark and seeing other people success, struggles and fights makes me not want to give up and know that I can do it, and it is only going to make me better. I am excited to keep it going!!

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