Sunday, November 1, 2009


I cannot believe that Halloween has come and gone! It was one of the first years that I havent dressed up or gone out, but it was a lot of fun! I had originally made a complete Halloween themed day of snacks, but we ended up changing it up and just kind of going by what we were craving. We also stopped by a local liquor store and found some fun pumpkin beer which was exciting! IT was also funny because a lady in there asked which beer is best for sitting on the porch and scaring little kids! Haha, I wouldnt want to visit that ladies house! We snacked all day and watched some scary movies at night. We made it through The Shining and Halloween before watching the Seinfeld series finale, at which point I was pretty much dead asleep. These days not much can keep me up past 11, its pretty sad actually.

In the middle of the day we were cooking and Adam was cleaning up a bit when he found a snake curled up under a plate on his dining room table! It was one of the scariest things Ive experienced in a while even though I didnt even see it. He managed to pick it up by its tail and took it outside, where his neighbor chopped it with a machete. Thank goodness, I did not want that thing alive. It was our trick for this season, instead of a black cat we came across a black snake! UGH!

Our menu for the day was mummy dogs, homemade mozzerella sticks, jalapeno dip, mini strombolis, wings, veggies and dip, and cup-o-dirt.

We had a few groups of trick or treaters at Adams. He always buys the big size candy bars, he likes to be the favorite house! There were only a few greedy kids who tried to raid the bowl as I held it, I had to slap one girls hand away! And the older kids just came in regular clothes. But we still had a good amount of backup candy at the end of the night.

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