Friday, September 11, 2009


Starting Tuesday of this week I began my diet and started to pay attention again to what I'm putting in my body. Adam is jumping on board too since his knee surgery is coming up in November and he won't be able to workout for a good month at least. I discovered a really great blog that has WW points by each recipe. I think this is a good way to gauge your food, even if you arent on the WW plan. I have written out a meal plan for next week and will not let myself stray from it! Sunday is football day so we are allowed to splurge, and with some wine and apps tonight, but I worked those calories into my day and am not going to go over my limit. With a partner to keep motivated this should be a little bit easier than going it alone, at least I hope it is. I really want a pair of those new GAP jeans and so when I fit into them nicely I will allow myself a pair. Plus, christmas time is notorious for pictures and I would like to look nice in them this year.
I was proud of myself this morning, all I wanted was a breakfast sandwich! I got on my iPhone and googled the calories in both the starbucks lowfat sandwich and the einstein lite sandwich. Both were still too high for what I consider decent morning calories now so I resisted (plus, let's be real. If I went to starbucks I would have also ended up with a pumpkin spice latte, the best fall drink around). I was proud. It was a small step to get where I want to be. I originally planned on running tonight but have to move it to Saturday and Sunday. Next week I will definitely be fitting in a Friday workout (probably my first EVER!).
My meal plan:
Monday: Taco salad with ground turkey and homemade salsa
Tuesday: Salmon, sweet potato and broccoli
Wednesday: Garlic spaghetti with more mushrooms and shrimp than noodles
Thursday: Spicy shrimp fried rice, with leftovers for Friday


  1. I hope you are not eating one meal a day!! That is no way to lose weight!

  2. Hi Jen (this is Michelle Scepaniak by the way)
    I lost 10 lbs and kept it off following WW online. I follow their non-counting plan and it is much easier and very healthy. I don't follow it to the letter but it really helps.

  3. Those are just my dinners, Erin! So many ppl said the points system helps, even if you dont follow WW so I am excited to find these!