Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Directions

When I was young I had built in, permanent friends. I had my sisters, 3 of them! We've always enjoyed each others company and been close. I imagined that we would grow up, and move into this new and exciting stage of life. We would have boyfriends and get married, have our own lives but still remain close. We would gather around a cozy table in the corner of a restaurant and gossip about who knows what, and our significant others would inevitably discuss the latest in sports and whatever else guys talk about. We would laugh. We would have fun. When I thought about it I had this feeling, like on a sunny day when you step outside and the warmth of the sun first hits you. You feel content. Like something great is ahead of you.

But what happens when things dont turn out how you always pictured them? I never prepared myself for the plethora of situations that really could exist instead of the one I always assumed would. Not to say that this will never happen, because I have great faith that it will and that it will be all I imagined, but what do you do when you're moving in a new direction by yourself? Perhaps its just an inevitable that we never stop to think about.

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