Tuesday, September 25, 2012

4 Months

Alright, I admit it......I said that I would be back more and I have failed. Really I blame my computer, because it wont let me save my photos correctly when I send them from my iPhone. But I'm sure I could find a quick solution.....

Either way, I am back for a 4 month update on the Rem! She is talking constantly and recently added 'Bbbbb' to her vocabulary. She is grabbing at everything and putting whatever she can into her little mouth. She loves to be outside still and is interested in whatever is going on around her. She is as adorable as it gets!

Daycare has caused her to be sick almost the entire month....she has contracted 2 colds and some type of a sinus infection. She still has the acid reflux also. She weighs 12lb 10oz and is still my tiny baby! I am interested to see what the doctor recommends as far as eating goes because I'd love to get her trying foods soon. I know it will take a while for her to get the hand of it and I just think it will be fun!

Remy's hair is out of control these days and she looks like she has a constant case of bed head! But I will try not to complain as her hair is one of her cutest assets. :) It kind of look like she is a red head in that first shot, but I assume you she is a brunette baby.

Remy's christening takes place on the 13th so I am going to be busily prepping for that and our visitors - we have a crazy busy time between now and january! It continues to be crazy to me how time fast flies as your life goes on.....before i know it Remy will be a big 1 year old girl and my baby will be gone :( Until then I will savor it all!

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