Friday, July 20, 2012

My, How Time Flies!

Well, Remy is 8 weeks old today.Ther cute little red mark on her nose has faded, she's into the 10 pounds, her hair is lightening up, she is focusing on people/objects and smiling when she is happy plus she just started trying to talk like crazy this past week. She has also been on an airplane and a week long trip to Florida! Her 2 month appointment is coming up and I am going to see if she may have a food allergy, for now I am switching to soy milks and cutting out dairy to see if it is the culprit of her new found constant congestion, evening fussiness and loads of spit up. But she is still the cutest baby around!

Time has really gone fast and I am beginning work from home on Monday. Not to mention I am also getting back into my workout and diet routine. I attempted a run yesterday and realize that I have a long long road ahead, but am happy to get back to it. I am back to my starting weight, but things are way flabby and the muscle is all gone. I still consider myself lucky, though! I am beginning to calorie count, leaving slack for breastfeeding calories. Its been a while but I'm back!

Ill be posting my snacks/dinners/workout woes starting tomorrow :)

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