Monday, June 4, 2012

Oh, Baby!

It feels like time has stood still for the past 11 days. After an induction, 18 hour labor and finally a c-section at 12:29am, our little baby girl is finally here and the light of our lives! She was born a tiny peanut at 6lbs 6oz, and had some trouble eating our first few days home, but has been a champ in the week since and I'm sure has packed on at least a pound already. She is very sleepy and pretty much napping the entire day. She gets up for a bit around 7 or 8 and then sleeps well through the night, waking up once or twice to eat. She's not really fussy unless she needs something - we are very lucky to have such a happy baby girl!
Remy leaving the hospital!
She has already done so much!.....
Sunbathing at the pool - 2 days in a row!

First bath at home

First meal out - Loveless Cafe for breakfast

First trip out - to Target of course!

First photo shoot.

My recovery was really pretty easy - I was very swollen for the first whole week from being on fluids for 30 hours in the hospital, but it has subsided since then. Right now I have 8 pounds to go to be at my starting weight, but my tummy is definitely much more jiggly - I am confident that it will tighten up when I am able to workout again, though!
10 days pp.

My family was here up until Saturday, so today is my first day tackling mommy-hood alone. It is pretty much the best thing ever and I love every second of it! We love you so much, Rem Rem!!


  1. Congratulations! She is precious!!

  2. Check out this article, it's a good read:

  3. who said my baby was in the sun? its called shade/umbrella/car seat hood. take your article elsewhere.

  4. RE: "other" anonymous:
    You have to love the baby nazi's! It must suck to have such a crappy life that you need to but into everyone else's.