Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nursery and Baby Crafts

Once I searched for a good while, and pinterest of course, I pretty much knew what I wanted my nursery to look like. I had a complete vision and even blueprinted it out on paper, down to specific stuffed animal placement. A gray and yellow chevron/ zig zag nursery is what I had my heart set on and it came out beautiful. I am so lucky that my mom is a great bargain shopper and so talented with sewing and furniture re-finishing. She really made this easy on me and helped out so much!


Dresser/Changing Table.

My mom actually found this at a yard sale of some sort for under $100. It is Young American and a really nice dresser, it just needed some fixing up. Unfortunately I don't have a before photo of it, but here is the finished product. I got the 'mint' knobs at Anthropologie -get them here. She also got the mirror for something like $10. I got the lanterns off of Amazon for cheap and the grey burst balls from Crate and Barrels after Christmas sale.

Also, my mom sewed a few different changing pad covers for me to match the bedding as well as the fabric 'box'

Chest of Drawers.

In Progress


This was with Adam when I met him and since it's just an old set of drawers, we weren't using it and it sat in our bonus room upstairs. Adam and my mom refinished it and were able to get the same pulls from Young American that match the other dresser and more of the anthro knobs to really pull both pieces together. I really want to get a photo canvas done after Remy is born to go above this chest.

Hairbow Frame.

I found this idea on pinterest and my mom brought it to life for me. You just secure fabric to the cardboard of a large frame and then you can add elastic to hold the bows and/or add screw hooks to the bottom to hold them.

Wall Prints/Decoration.

Thanks to Etsy I was able to find some awesome prints to frame for the wall. And I made the 'R' with shells that we collected on the beach during our babymoon, a hot glue gun and a wooden R from Michaels.


My mom sewed these for me after I saw them on Pinterest :) She also painted the lamp for me and made the lamp shade


Our crib was on sale for $99 at target and my mom sewed the crib skirt and crib blanket for us. The sheet was a gift, and I have 2 other just plain yellow sheets. The mobile was from tjmaxx or marshalls and we do have a blanket to match, but I am keeping it downstairs.


Lots of color!! This baby girl has lots of swimsuits, clothes and shoes!

Book Cube.

This is the IKEA Expedit. I like the simplicity of it and that it doesn't take up too much space.


My mom sewed a couple pairs of little baby shoes - so cute!

Blanket - I swear that I'm almost done, I just need to buy another ball of yarn to finish her off.

Wet Bag - I really wanted a small one of these for my diaper bag, and am so glad that my mom was able to make it for me. She wanted to sew as many things as she could (obviously!)

I am so happy that this room is complete and it looks perfect - by far the best decorated room in this house :) We are all set for our little bundle to arrive.

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  1. It is absolutely beautiful. Great vision, it all came together so well. :)