Monday, April 16, 2012

34 Weeks

34 Weeks!!! That means we have anywhere from 3-7 weeks until the baby comes. I pray that she will not make me wait 7, but 3 seems really soon! She is considered Full Term at 37 weeks and wouldn't need an extra hospital stay so she is welcome anytime after that. I actually noticed this past Thursday night that she is significantly lower now - when she wiggles I can feel it deep in my pelvis, which is really uncomfortable since it's much more confined that my stomach area.

Back Aches
Numb legs after sitting for too long
Sleeping is nearly impossible. After a really restless night I will sleep well the following, but it's almost like a vicious cycle. Extremities are falling asleep, hips and back hurting and this baby likes to move after every time that I go to the bathroom - it's like a party for her in there! I cannot wait to sleep on my stomach again.
Only 6 weeks of work...I can make it through!

Weight Gain: 18 pounds. When I went to see my doctor last week she asked if I was eating ok and said that I had only gained 17 pounds according to their scale and that I really need to add 3-5 pounds minimum before 40 weeks. I have definitely been eating a lot so Im not concerned and am quite certain I gained a pound in the past week.

Exercise: I have still been doing 30 minutes on the elliptical (at a 10 resistance and 3 levels of incline), followed by 15 minutes on the treadmill (Im only going about 4mph for 10 minutes and then between 3.7 and 3 mph for the last 5) and then about 10 minutes of squats/weights. My muscles are getting sore really quickly so not sure how long this will keep up. On my days out of the office I go for a 2.25 mile walk and try to get in a few squats.
My body is definitely beating itself up with all of this exercise. Even though it's a pretty light routine, I am just in pain at the end of the day on Thursdays. The thing keeping me going is that it will be so much easier to get my weight back down after labor if I keep this up.

Food: Trying to keep from ODing on sweet things. Still no energy to really cook, which doesn't really encourage healthy eating - I am determined to eat healthier as the weeks go on.

Prepping for Baby:
We completed our birthing classes! I found it to be really helpful actually. And we LOVED the hospital - it has really nice birthing rooms, all babies wear a little gps ankle bracelet and it's small and quiet.

I am going to pack up the hospital bag next week. They say that you should be ready to go at 36 weeks, so I would like to be prepared while I still have the energy to get it all together.

I ordered 3 more newborn sized diapers, so now I have 11 total. I will be able to wash once a day so I'm hoping that this will do, since she will only be in these for a short time I don't want to have too large of a stash that will just sit after she reaches 10lbs. I do still need to go out and grab some newborn size disposables for the first week or so.

We also purchased a new camera - since we just have our phones at this point. We got a Nikon and now I need to figure out how to take the best baby photos :)

I am really just waiting to have the nursery done - my mom arrived yesterday and brought the one dresser she had re-finished into our changing table and I was able to get that filled up with diapers, inserts, etc. and she and A startedo n the second chest last night so it should be ready to go upstairs tomorrow and then we can complete the room! I am so excited and will have a nursery post up ASAP.

I painted this little tea set and now just have to hope that I have a little girl who likes little girl things! I got the kit at World Market for $10 and bought the base paint from Michaels for under $2 with coupon. You just paint and fire it in your own oven.

I got the matching bracelets for me and Baby Remy :) Love them and can't wait for her to get here and wear it with me! You can check out the Emmie bracelet here at LCVintage

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