Monday, April 2, 2012

32 Weeks

 8 Weeks to go! And really she could come in just 5 or 6. We are so ready to meet this baby but I definitely want her to come out only when she is fully ready. I am down to seeing the doctor every 2 weeks. In May it will be every week - joy!

'Symptoms': I am slow - with everything.
Terrible Aching Back
Trouble sleeping, which also leads to me being tired all day and wanting to fall asleep at my desk.
Swelling - It's just beginning, but I am out of one of my pairs of sneakers already
Basically a general discomfort all of the time. She has found my ribs and likes to kick at them when I am sitting, can't believe she is reaching up there now! It's pretty uncomfortable and she is very stubborn and does not listen when you try to nudge her little legs away (or sometimes I think it's her butt up there, either way she doesn't move). She has also been getting the hiccups about twice a week or so.

Weight Gain:  19/20lbs. I can definitely feel her getting bigger by the week, it's pretty amazing and means she is almost ready to come out and play! I am really proud of my weight gain and the fact that I've been able to continue working out through this whole pregnancy.

Exercise: I am noticeably slower on my walks and on the elliptical. And you should see me do squats these days, that belly is just in the way! I hope to stay on the elliptical until 35 weeks, or until my shirts no longer cover my belly - then I will start walking in the park at work.

Food: I am not putting much effort into food nowadays. About half way into my 30th week I bought bars, breakfast to go pouches, cuties, frozen pizzas and pre-cut fruit so that I don't need to put any energy into cooking or eating. By the end of the day my back is just killing me to where I have no desire at all to stand and cook or clean dishes (or even pop that pizza into a preheated oven). I continue to eat a lot of cereal, it's one of the main things that I am enjoying. I have been getting REALLY hungry lately so I must be in the midst of a growth spurt (I'm talking eat 4 meals in a row and still not feel full, kind of hungry).

Prepping for Baby: I registered us at a church here in Nashville a couple of months back and went myself on Palm Sunday (Adam was out of town). We will head up there for Easter together and check it out, but it is definitely the spot for our Christening and will become more a part of our lives once the baby is here.

We are taking our birthing class in 2 parts, 2 consecutive Saturdays, which begins this week. They are 5 hour sessions but it just worked for us over the 4 weeks, weeknight course.

We had the daycare tour last week and it was far from easy for me. I literally held back tears for half of the tour! Seeing the little babies in cribs and the ladies holding and rocking them just broke my heart because I really want to be there for my girl all of the time! I know that I am fortunate to only need daycare part time, but when she goes it will definitely be hard for this momma. It looks like she won't get there until 12 weeks or so though, which is a relief for me.

I got the newborn bracelet in the mail that I had ordered and love it. It is so tiny and precious! It will only be on her for photos or a special occasion, in which I will be watching her so she doesn't gnaw on those beads!

Remaining things to do:
Complete Nursery
Pack Hospital Bag(mostly everything is set aside but not actually packed, plus I need a list of last minute items such as chargers, camera, laptop, id, etc.)
Car Seat Bases into Cars
Put baby items into my car that will stay (extra diapers, burp cloth, clothes, etc.)
Buy disposable diapers for the first week
Get Pack n Play set up downstairs, along with some disposable and cloth diapers, and bring the bouncer down along with the bassinet
Pick up some snacks to have on hand after the baby is here and in the hospital - bars and quick grab food
Complete birthing classes
Finish knitting baby blanket (I finally got to the half way point)

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