Monday, February 13, 2012

When you're constantly hungry......

what do you pop in your mouth? I am having this problem a lot lately -I cannot seem to get enough food! I could eat and eat, and then eat some more. I think about food all of the time, and then think about the scale. Here is a look at the things I've been eating to try to not go overboard while I am completely ravenous:

Green Tea and Water- I am trying to stay hydrated and curb nighttime snacks, but lets be honest - this never truly makes up for the taste of food
 Berries and free cool whip. This can satisfy my sweet tooth.
Cereal - I have cinnamon toast crunch, corn flakes, raisin nut bran and Honey bunches of oats on rotation right now. I am LOVING cereal!
Egg white and swiss on a better start english muffin, with fruit. Pretty healthy and easy for me to throw together
Make your own trail mix - granola, almonds and chocolate pieces of some sort. I think teddy grahams would be good in this also.
Sugar free pudding. At 60 calories a cup I am gobbling this stuff up. I even prefer vanilla to chocolate which is just crazy! Its really creamy and helps me get over an ice cream/chocolate bar craving.

Sugar free hot chocolate, fruit bowls and pretzels help me get by also. Not gonna act like I didnt just pull a cupcake out of the freezer, though! I still eat my candy daily, which I have always done! M&Ms, tootsie rolls, sour patch kids, etc. Im just trying to not have that be all that I snack on!

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  1. Haha, I'm joining you in constantly being hungry. I'm eating a lot more fruit too to try and curb a sugar craving. Sometimes it works, sometimes I gotta have that bowl of ice cream!