Monday, February 13, 2012

Comfy Clothing for Before and After Baby

I have been giving thought to what I plan to wear in those uncomfortable, warm weeks leading up to delivery, and the busy weeks following. Probably when I started writing out my list of things to take to the hospital and was researching the best clothing to wear home, and yoga pants seemed to be on the top of everyone's advice list. I envision that I will be throwing on the most comfortable and moveable clothes in that time frame, and I have definitely found those items.
 V-Front yoga pants and Yoga shorts from Victorias Secret. I seriously think that these pants were made just for pregnant women. They hit perfectly below the bump and will be good for any unexpected c-section action, to keep tightness away from any incision areas.
One Size shorts and racerback tanks from Victorias Secret. I have been pretty skeptical about this line since it came out, but took the plunge on the shorts and loved them, so I ordered the tanks as well. Super comfy, soft and stretchy. I don't plan to wear them around guests though - they are definitely like a second skin.
Old Navy fitted Racerbacks. Can't go wrong with stretchy cotton. Im sure that I will be wanting to hide my flabby belly more, but if Im not leaving the house there's no sense really worrying too much.

I also plan to get two of these nursing camis from GAP. I want to wear one with the yoga pants home from the hospital. I am just waiting on a good sale to come along before I purchase.

Lucky house guests get to see me bumming it day after day! I am glad to be having a baby at the beginning of the summer as I would hate having to bundle myself and a newborn. I just pray that I am able to get us to the pool fairly early on and enjoy the warm days without feeling too insecure.


  1. Great ideas. I'm definitely going to buy more yoga pants. I just bought two maternity outfits, 2 pairs of jeans and two tops from Destination Maternity's bogo sale. The jeans are so comfortable! The tops I won't be able to wear yet since they're more of a thin fabric and it's still freezing here. Luckily sweaters are very roomy and I don't think I'll have to buy any winter clothes.

  2. Those ones with the v in front are seriously perfect for being pregnant! Ugh it is crazy to me how expensive maternity clothes are, I am done buying clothes until I can get cute things after the baby! Old navy is cheap for t-s and tanks and theyre all comfy