Monday, January 9, 2012

20 Weeks!

Wow - I am officially half way through this pregnancy! I have become baby crazy and it's all that I can think about lately. I am soaking in our quiet life now but am just so anxious for our new life in a few months. I have felt the baby move more frequently - in the mornings when I wake up, a few minutes later the baby decides to move around a bit while I lie there quietly and also at the end of the day when I sit on the couch with my feet up - it is so amazing to feel! I have also started feeling kicks throughout the day a bit. Adam was able to feel the movements this weekend and so baby is getting big and strong in there; I was even able to see movement from the outside early saturday morning.

*Hairy belly! - I never knew before that you would start to grow dark hair on your belly but it is true and happening to me!
*Aching Boobs - Seriously.... ouch!!
*Faster growing nails - this is a plus, my nails are growing like weeds.
*Hunger! - I experienced a growth spurt one day last week and was completely ravenous the entire day. I ate SO much and was not satisfied. I stuck to fruits and veggies as much as I could but it just wasn't doing the job.
*Awesome Hair - My hair is seriously perfect right now - silky, smooth, frizz free and completely shiny!

Weight Gain: I think I'm at 10 pouonds total now.....right on track

Exercise: My new iPod is really helping me enjoy working out a bit more. My week consists of:
*M, T &W -1.5 mile run combined with 1-1.5 mile walk. Weights/strength building
*TH- Yoga
*F- 2.3 mile walk, Yoga
*S/SUN- 2 mile walk (trying to get at least something in on the weekends)

*Ice cream!!!!!! I think that I am entering that phase that people speak of where you can eat it everyday. Mint chocolate chip is my favorite right now.
*Pasta - I ate a ravioli lean cuisine the other day and all I wanted was more of it - I am slowly coming back to italian and the pasta/cheese combo. I die at the thought of eating olive garden breadsticks dipped in a dish of alfredo sauce!
*Sushi - I cannot wait to be able to eat raw sushi again but am enjoying tempura shrimp and soft shell crab for now
*Cheesecake Factory (passion fruit tea, bread and crispy beef, please!)
*SWEETS! PB M&Ms, please :)
I am eating a lot of fruit still and incorporating raw carrots/celery/tomatoes into my lunches while trying to drink peppermint tea at night to avoid overeating. I attempted to eat just a salad for dinner last night but finished it off with 2 eggos and some strawberries

Aversions: Pizza, burgers, mexican (I did cook bbq chicken quesadillas but would not say they are considered mexican).

Prepping for Baby: I had a complete, finalized vision of the nursery the other day and feel really good about it. Gray walls, white furniture, touches of yellow and chevron bedding. I also ordered fabric to make my own yellow/white & gray/white chevron throw pillow covers and a mobile for above the crib. And my mom may help me make curtains also. It's good that I have some projects to work on as I get more anxious, and since we wont be painting for a few more months.

Also, my next baby post will have the Sex of our baby revealed! I am so ready to find out!! :)

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