Thursday, December 29, 2011

An Orlando Christmas

It was so nice to be home for the Holiday this year! Besides being allergic to the family cat and barely sleeping through any night, I had such a good time and was sad to leave everyone - I wish we still lived so close. I hope that everyone had a great holiday week with lots of family and food. And maybe some presents :) Myself, the baby and Adam got spoiled by my family and I could hardly fit everything in my suitcases to bring home. In fact, I still have 2 or 3 shopping bags of things waiting to come home with me next time (I got some great deals the day after on my wrapping supplies and crate and barrel).

One reason I love my ring so much is it is always prepared for Christmas and St Pattys day!! My hands were ready for the holiday
Sister Gifts under the tree - each year we pick a name and that is who we get our big gift for; of course we always add in presents for the other sisters as well and usually end up with tons of stuff!
 Loved seeing this cute little face each morning and night!
 We went to Epcot where everyone had beer & tequila....... and I had a Mickey ice cream :)
Christmas PJs! Each year for as long as I can remember my mom has given us PJ's on Christmas Eve. More recently we all get to match and it's a tradition that I hope never ends, even when I am spending it apart from everyone.
 Love my new Coach watch (the silicon strap will make it good for baby and I really like the navy and silver combo it has )and gold Kate Spade bangle! (paired with my Tiffanys bead bracelet)
 I tend to lose Ipods so I am nervous about keeping my new Nano in its place! I am excited to start working out with music again and this one holds photos, lets you pace out your workouts and much more that I need to explore
Plus I got this great slap watch holder for it so I can have it close during my runs or walks.

That isnt even the beginning of the gifts but I will spare you! We aren't going out for New Years, in fact we never have, but are going to enjoy it at home, taking in the last of the season. Honestly, I am ready for Valentines day and know that Target will make me proud on Monday by being prepared with red, pink and hearts galore. If only the temps were rising here soon - I miss the warm weather and wearing short sleeves without a jacket.

Happy New Year!

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