Wednesday, December 28, 2011

18 Weeks

I hope that everyone had a great Holiday! We landed back in Nashville last night and it's back to the grind today. I ate my fair share of sweets and carbs so I definitely could stand a few trips to the gym.

I can't believe that in my next baby post I will be half way done my pregnancy! I keep getting more and more excited for the baby to be here, and he/she is already spoiled with so many things. I felt movement at 17 weeks and then another flutter late last week, but haven't really felt much since. Come on baby, mommy wants to feel you squirm around a little!

Symptoms: I was sick quite a few mornings this past week, and think that I may be getting car/motion sick when others drive. Hopefully it will pass but for now, especially in the mornings, I need to be driving myself around unless I want to lose my breakfast. I am still pretty nauseous most mornings, but it usually passes pretty quickly without any sickness.

Weight Gain: I was too afraid to get on the scale this morning after a whole Holiday week, so Ill have to get back to you next time :)

Exercise: I took a week off, but will start back up again today. I bought a prenatal yoga dvd to add to my mix, so on tuesdays and thursdays I will pop that in after I go for my run and I may even do it on Friday mornings when I usually take the day off.

Cravings: chocolate and coconut! Mounds, almond joy, coconut patties, etc. I want them all. I have always liked this candy, but now I am craving it! Lucky for me I do have a conscience and I bought lots of fruit at the store last night instead of candy.

Aversions: Burgers, Pizza, Mexican, BBQ

Prepping for Baby: Baby got presents and a whole stocking this year at my families house for Christmas! I assure you that this child will never go without anything and my sister has even taken to speaking out on the babies behalf: 'The baby wants this!' and who can say no to a baby? I am ready to get going on the room but dont think that will really happen until March or April. My mom may come up to help us paint the room and chest, so I will be getting the blueprint together soon as I have settled on grey walls, white furniture and touches of yellow. Just need to figure out my wall art! I got some cute sparkly christmas ornaments from Crate and Barrel the day after christmas that I want to hang maybe above the changing dresser, they don't look like ornaments and are 2 different shades of grey that will go perfect.

Still a lot of things to buy, classes to sign up for and the Ultrasound! In a few short weeks we will know what we are having and I can't wait to see!

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