Monday, December 12, 2011

16 Weeks!

Talking pregnancy works best when you do it in 2 week increments. I'm not sure why, I guess your body changes pretty dramatically every 2 weeks or so! I have my 16 week appointment this week and that means my last one until our ultrasound - I am so ready to know what this little peanut is packing in there - boy or girl??

My dreams have been trickling off but I did have one last week that I cut open a cake and it had pink icing inside - Adam had surprised me by somehow knowing the sex when I didnt and thought this was a good idea on how to tell me. In my dream I was completely shocked that it was a girl - well, soon we will really know!

I am also insanely ready to feel this baby moving around in there - I felt something at 9 weeks and then never again. They say that around 14 and on you have a better chance of feeling it so I am hoping it will come soon. Baby can hear me now so I better watch my singing in the car - don't want to drive him/her crazy just yet!

Symptoms: I think that in my 15th week morning sickness left me! Im sure I will jinx it but I really hope it is gone for good. I have still been nauseous and had some gagging going on, but no actually throwing up like before. I have been getting increasingly hungry and usually need a snack before dinner now. I am not as tired as I used to be, but if I am up until 10 one night, Im tired by 8 the next. A new symptom is an aching back. I have a pain that goes down the right side of my back, through my butt and down to my thigh - especially when I bend over or down to pick something up.

Weight Gain: 7 pounds. Well, baby is the size of an avacado now! Im getting bigger and have had to buy new bras as I was dying in my old ones. I am also in full on maternity clothes. I do wear some non maternity tops, but they ride up alot and Im always tugging them down. I love the GAP maternity sweaters and also the old navy tops. Theres no chance Ill be buttoning my pants before June, so my Belly Band has been getting its wear and I bought another - so much more convenient than having to stock up on all new pants, although I did splurge for a pair of Paige maternity jeans which I love and highly recommend.

Exercise: I started running again! I mentioned last week, but I am now running twice a week (hopefully this will increase once the holidays settle down). 1.5 mile run, 20 minutes of walking and then 15 minutes of weights. I have been feeling sore which is something I missed. Hoping to get my legs in shape for a bathing suit in the springtime and my body ready to birth this baby! (I am already praying for a natural birth and no c-section)

Cravings: Sandwiches and cake. I made blt's and cubans the other week and when I tried to meal plan this week all I could think of was more sandwiches! I could also really go for olive garden alfredo sauce and breadsticks, chickfila (which my mom was nice enough to provide for me during her visit!) and a really big, thick filet, extra rare!! I am still really into fruit - blueberries, apples, pineapple - cheese and campbells chicken noodle soup, with the chicken pieces taken out because lets face it, they are just nasty. I wish that I could get into cooking more, but I still have not - I feel so bad for Adam that I never have anything planned and barely want to get up off my butt  to throw something together, either. Adam is out of town this week for business and I plan to eat chicken noodle soup and a brueggers bagel each night - sounds good to me!

I am pretty excited for our trip to Orlando coming up because I will get to eat a lot of things that I dont have here! Chickfila for breakfast, Kobe, maybe a Briantos Cheesesteak, Epcot around the world eating, Ham sandwiches, chinese food and maybe some steak. Plus Polish sausage and lots of snacks!

Aversions: Mexican! Pizza! Burgers! BBQ! I think that Adam would die for some pizza but I cant even stand the smell still. Sometimes I think that I want a five guys burger but I think if I really got one I would take one bite and be done.

Prepping for Baby: My mom brought up all of the things she had gotten us for the baby and his/her room is full right now! Stroller, carseat, bassinet, pack and play, toys, etc. We got new bedroom furniture and will probably be repainting the old chest from our room and putting it in the babies room. Might as well, right? Still need to paint, get a crib, a dresser and a chair of some sort. Plus decorate. Plenty of time for all of that though so I focused on something more important: a mini stocking for the baby! I got a grey elephant from BabyGap to go inside that will match the room.

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