Thursday, December 15, 2011

Santa Clause is Coming to Town.....

Im not sure why, but this is the song that I sing in my head whenever I have run this week (which has been 3 times so far!). I guess my 5.8 mph pace and subsequent foot steps lend themselves quite nicely to the tune. It is actually really annoying and all I want to do is change the song in my head but just can't seem to do it! I literally picture the end of Elf where Zooey and the mom and son are singing in the NYC street. Anyway, it feels so good to have gotten in 3 complete workouts! Ill probably just go for a walk today and then run again on Sunday, since we have an office Christmas lunch Monday and I wont be making the gym that afternoon. I am just in desparate need of some new sports bras as nothing is being contained right now and my breathing is quite restricted!

We leave for Orlando next Wednesday and I have started to attempt putting clothes aside to pack...I just always have the problem of packing too much! Luckily I will be checking two bags so that I have plenty of room to take home presents and day after shopping goodies, so I shouldnt be too concerned - thanks southwest for free baggage checking! And since Christmas pretty much means shopping, I am going by the mall after work today to take a look in the maternity store and sephora. Ill stop by Trader Joes for some holiday sweets as well, then kick off my weekend!

Hopefully you will all be getting the finishing touches on your Christmas prep this weekend - we are so close it's kind of scary! I was tempted to bake some cookies today but just dont think it would be a good idea. I will eat plenty in the coming week! Anyway - Ill leave you with a recap of my families visit

 We got to watch a lot of Christmas movies and relax, which was nice and made it feel more like Christmas!
 Annie had a nice vacation too - she enjoyed bundling up in coat and booties
We went to see the Rockettes! I am in love with this scarf from GAP! It is really warm and cozy and, of course, festive (also yay for our new bedrrom furniture!)
We also stopped by the gaylord to see the Christmas lights. I was not really wearing the appropriate shoes for all of the walking but I did enjoy the tree. Also, my mom brought me her old fur coat for me to have now and I swear someone tried to rob me of it while in here!
Cupckaes from IveyCake. These were seriosuly delicious and I recommend trying them if you're in Nashville. They are moist which is sometimes hard to find from these shops. Loved the Boston Cream ones and all of the edible glitter!
 Annie said hi to the baby - I am realizing that I wear a lot of grey - probably need to add some color into my mix!
We went honky tonkin and my family got totally craze! Never seen them all drunk at the same time and being the only sober one was not as much fun as when you are drinking also. We had a great time though - wish I had more photos to post but they are all in everyone elses cameras and they seem to take months to upload anything onto the web!

Have a fun weekend!

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