Monday, November 14, 2011

Thanksgiving....10 days to go

I can't believe that next week is Turkey Day! I am hosting for the first time, with Adams family coming for the week, and have been planning for about a month now. My grocery list is complete and I have a timeline for the week and for the day of. Adam plans to handle the turkey and gravy and maybe his mom will make her stuffing, then I have the rest planned. Take a look at our menu:

This is a tradition for me that has been going since I was born, so I am excited to keep it alive!
Polish Sausage (we used to homemake this with my grandmother - now we but it from a specialty store)
Rye Bread

Cheese, fruit and crackers
Vegetables and dip
Chips and dip

Dressing (I am making the kind that I have eaten ever since I can remember, with bread, celery & onion)
Dressing (Adams tradition with a more jazzed up mushroom, sausage, feel)
Roasted Carrots
Mushrooms (sauteed in butter and onion - so good and a once a year thing)
Twice Baked Potatoes (with butter, sour cream and cheese)
Green Bean Casserole
Fresh rolls (although not homemade)
Canned Cranberry Sauce (im not into the fresh - blame my mother)

Mini Pumpkin Pies (unless I just pour it all into one pie dish - depends on how im feeling!)
Vanilla Ice Cream

Are you hosting? Its so much easier just to be at home with your mom cooking up a storm (which is why its my mom's most hated day of the year) - maybe next year we will go visit but for now I guess we will see if I can possibly stand up to the task. Im really going to miss being with my family, but Im sure the webcam will be up and running. Im just ready for Christmas time to officially be here! Enjoy the week before the craziness :)

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