Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Veterans Day/ 11.11.11/ Weekend!

Yay for Friday! I dont know how the weather has been in your neck of the woods but it's been a bit chilly here in Nashville. There were icicles on the trees this morning and frost that looked like a white blanket of snow on the grass. I had a good start to the weekend and met Adam out at Panera for lunch - soup and sandwich is the perfect combo for a cold day!

I also got to target to indulge in the Christmas surroundings.
 I LOVE christmas candy and am positive that everything tastes better in a green/red/silver/gold wrapper.
I also happen to love these little cakes. I think that they were a treat when I was younger and now I only allow myself them every now and again.

I also found Christmas colored skittles this year which I believe is new and I am hoping will put Adam into the category of 'pro' having candy out before thanksgiving.

Is anyone else into the christmas section yet?? I go all of the time and really need to stop for my own good. I hope that you all have a happy weekend!

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