Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Special Announcement

I'm sure that you have noticed the lack of posts, especially food related ones, in the weeks past. Well, you should know that it is all for good reason, my friends. I am so happy to officially let the cat out of the bag and let you into my pregnancy world - A and I are expecting our first little peanut together! Babies estimated Birthday is conveniently Labor Day - our little one would never want to miss the summer :)

Here's our first photo, taken at 9 weeks. I am already so in love! While lots of people always aspired to be a vet, a doctor or an actress I definitely always wanted to be a mommy and had a baby doll in hand for the majority of my childhood. I am excited to have you all on my journey, which is sure to be eventful! I am in the middle of my 12th week right now and am sure time will start to fly.

Hopefully my stomach allows me to get back to cooking soon - I have had some major food aversions (including burgers, pizza, mexican, pumpkin, apples) and cravings (apples, fried chicken, CANDY!!, panera, fruit) and really I have just not been into cooking at all. Some cravings have become aversions and some aversions have become cravings. Although I never imagined myself running to publix at night to get grapefruit - dont worry, I also got fudge covered oreos, it has been quite interesting in the food world.

Pairing candy and fried chicken with workouts that dropped from runs to long, fast incline walks has me a bit worried but hopefully I can keep everything under control! I think that I am lucky that I avoided morning sickness until my 6th week, and then nausea hit pretty hard. But things are looking up! I will do a post next with some more specifics and photos but for now, enjoy the rest of your day!